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Melodious singer

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Pallavi's portrait

Pallavi is an excellent singer with a very melodious God-gifted voice. She has inherited it from her mother's side of the family.

She has been singing songs since childhood in various social gatherings. She eventually began singing in a professional orchestra and has also participated in singing contests. She won many singing awards and medals in her native region of Karnataka, India.

Pallavi is married and stays with her husband Ishwar in the midwestern city of St. Louis, MO, USA. Ishwar is a Software Developer with a passion for Spirituality.

Pallavi wins NRI Antakshari 2005

Pallavi stood #1 and won the NRI Antakshari 2005 music show hosted by the famous Annu Kapoor! The show was held on 18th Nov 2005 in Chicago. There were 8 teams of 3 people each carefully selected by Annu Kapoor after a 5 hour long grilling audition.

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